'It is by going through the depths of despair that you achieve your destiny... This book will inspire you to carry on in a big, audacious, amazing way!'
— Sandra Yancey

Succeeding Against All Odds uncovers the unexpected insights, advantages and blessings that can be gained when you embrace seemingly insurmountable challenges. New from Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the premier women's business network in North America, this book is the second in a series of books created to inspire entrepreneurs to shake up old paradigms of success.

In Succeeding Against All Odds entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals share their true 'underdog' stories and the keys to their success. The book features 39 inspiring stories, including new revelations from:

Ken Kragen, bestselling author; legendary manager of some of the world's most important entertainers, including Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood and The Bee Gees; creator and organizer of 'We Are the World' and 'Hands Across America.'

Fabienne Fredrickson, one of the most influential marketing and success-mindset thought leaders and business coaches in the world; founder of The Client Attraction Business School™, ranked repeatedly by Inc. Magazine as one of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Linda Clemons, known as the 'Queen of Networking;' one of the most respected sales and body language experts in the world today,with global clients including the White House, Major League Baseball and Southwest Airlines.

Plus 35 more inspiring authors who share their courageous true stories of how they succeeded against all odds... and how you can, too!

About Sandra Yancey:

Sandra Yancey is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist, movie producer, bestselling author and transformational expert who is dedicated to helping women achieve and succeed. She is the Chairman and Founder of eWomenNetwork, a complete success system for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide.

Sandra is a bestselling author of three books, including Succeeding In Spite of Everything. This book rose to #1 status in 10 categories at Amazon.com upon its June 5, 2012 debut. She is the author of Relationship Networking: The Art of Turning Contacts Into Connections; and co-author, with Julie Ziglar Norman, of Mastering Moxie: From Contemplating to Creating Absolute Success. She is also featured in Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul, which showcases some of the top entrepreneurs in North America.


In keeping with eWomenNetwork's commitment to 'lift as we climb,' many of the co-authors have contributed bonus gifts to help you overcome circumstances, push past perceived limitations and rise up to meet your destiny!

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FREE Gift from Sandra Yancey

Strategies for Succeeding Against All Odds!

Gain access to an EXCLUSIVE new training and LIVE Q&A call with me on what I've learned from overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, obstacles and setbacks! I'm calling this session Strategies for Succeeding Against All Odds!

Setbacks, obstacles and barriers are inevitable. They are often seen as mountains too high to climb and too wide to get around, especially when the odds are stacked against you. You can decide to breakdown and succumb to defeat or you can choose to breakthrough to victory! Once you have the knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles, you will learn that setbacks are really just set-ups to build confidence, clarity and conviction for what you want in life.

Sandra Yancey has developed mastery when it comes to succeeding against all odds. She went from a successful Fortune 500 career to the depths of despair when she found herself on the brink of bankruptcy just 24 months after launching eWomenNetwork. She will share with you from her personal experience, the strategies and skills she used (and continues to use) to transform her business. Today she runs a multi-million dollar global business. It didn't happen by accident! It is a result of carefully honed strategies and skills to conquer any problem she encounters.

In this teleconference, you will learn:

  • Strategies for realistically sizing the problem;

  • Techniques for identifying viable solutions;

  • Approaches for taking action and moving through your doubts and fears;

  • Skills for developing a support system to celebrate your wins and help you with future challenges;

  • And so much more!

If you know you have a million-dollar business idea but keep getting stalled, discouraged or overwhelmed by challenges and obstacles, you need to join Sandra for this BRAND NEW training and LIVE Q&A call!

Value: $497.00




FREE Gifts from Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is an inspirational mentor to thousands of business owners worldwide, an author, international speaker and founder of The Client Attraction Business School™ and ClientAttraction.com, ranked repeatedly by Inc. magazine as one of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies. As one of the most influential marketing and success mindset thought-leaders and business coaches in the world, Fabienne's unique ability is getting entrepreneurs to take immediate marketing action on a systematic basis to produce dramatic results in less time than they would on their own. She's dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs create a legacy of service through their business, adding value to the world in a lasting way and creating breakthrough paradigm shifts in their mindset and their personal income.

This exclusive 3-gift bundle from Fabienne includes:

  • 'How to Attract All the Clients You Need' audio download: rich with usable information and based on years of experience on what it takes to really fill a practice.

  • 'Secrets of Master Networkers' special report: 103-page, content-packed pdf download, including 54 assignments, 18 worksheets, templates and scripts that only networking insiders know about.

  • 'How to Turn Email Subscribers Into Paying Clients' special report: how to convert your list into loyal buyers who are eager to work with you. Jam-packed with high-content and high-value strategies, and step-by-step, easy-to-implement techniques.

Total Value: $230.00



FREE Gifts from Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Share YOUR Message in YOUR Way!

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the Founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a CCC Master Trainer™, the Creator of Your Success Formula™, and owner of multiple successful private practices. Rebecca is passionate about helping women accelerate their business to result in more of the right clients, higher income, and increased profits.

Gift #1: A FREE 60-minute Coaching Call with Rebecca for the first 9 registrants!
A private session with Rebecca tailored to your needs and business.
Value: $297

Gift #2: Tamara Gerlach's Exclusive Interview with Rebecca
First broadcast on online radio station Radiant Living, Rebecca shares her popular Grandmother Stories through which she shares top tips for being an empowering, compelling and dynamic women!
Value: $97

Gift #3: "Create Your Own Platform" 60-minute Teleseminar
Do you want to be on more stages, be in front of more people, spread your message and grow your company? Then this is the teleseminar for you! Rebecca will share top strategies that not only teach you how to always have a stage to speak on and more opportunities than you can say yes to, but also how to maintain and expand that success.
Value: $197



FREE Gifts from Mari Santo Domingo

Mari is a leading expert in "VISIBLE" leadership. With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, leader and coach to women at every level whose busy lifestyles might make them feel unappreciated, she has helped thousands become powerful leaders and inspiring influencers.

Gift #1: A FREE 45-minute Coaching Session with Mari for the first 7 registrants!
NO IDEA where to start? Caught up between the learning process and implementing? no PLAN, STRATEGY or a SYSTEM to grow your business? She will help you identify which level you are at and where to go from there with her "Competere Blueprint: 3 Levels to Emerge, Expect, Expand"
Value: $297

Gift #2: Image, Color and Style Personalized eProfile
Clueless about when and what to wear? Sending the wrong message? The makeup and clothing you choose can make all the difference. In minutes you will complete 2 fun, virtual intuitive quizzes that will easily guide you to feel Image Savvy.
Value $97

Gift #3: "ENOUGH: Make People Sit Up and Listen!" 1-hour Webinar
Are you a Spectator or Performer? Learn the power of transformation through discipline. Are you aware, willing and committed? Learn 3 keys that will grant you access to play BIG, engage the audience and earn the respect and recognition you deserve!
Value: $497



FREE Gifts from Dr. Manon Bolliger

Take Control of Your Own Health and Well-Being!

For the last two decades, Dr. Manon Bolliger has treated thousands of patients as a naturopathic physician and trained hundreds of students. The recipient of numerous awards, she teaches workshops on CLEAR SENSES™ and Reboot Your Body™ for both practitioners and the public.

Gift #1: A FREE 30-minute Consult Call with Manon for the first 10 registrants!
A private consultation with Manon, customized to your requirements.
Value: $150

Gift #2: 'L.I.S.T.E.N.' 60-minute Teleseminar

  • L: Love—healing is about listening to and loving your body

  • I: Inquiry allows you to understand the choices you make and their bodily affects

  • S: Symptoms are not a curse to repress, but clues to healing

  • T: Touch provides the language to align your body to optimum health

  • E: Engaging possibility--- going beyond fear and embracing a more natural way

  • N: Now—making the commitment and taking action NOW

Value: $97

Gift #3: 'Reboot Your Body' Webinar
Discover 3 common misconceptions that keep most people struggling with aches and pains... And the #1 secret to abundant health!
Value: $97.00



FREE Gifts from Denise Antoon

Denise Antoon, JD, M.S., is the founder of The Antoon Group, a PR and events company dedicated to elevating clients to the top of their field. She has worked with such notable names as Carlos Santana, Counting Crows, and Jamie Lee Curtis amongst many others. An expert in taking unknowns and transforming them into high-end players, she coaches clients in the strategies and methods that will make their star power rise to the top.

Gift #1: A FREE 60-minute coaching call with Denise for the first 7 registrants!
A private session with Denise customized to you, featuring invaluable information on how to really make an impact and get to the top of your field.
Value: $250

Gift #2: 'Get on the Map: Top Strategies to Become a Celebrity in Your Field' Video
Learn strategies that made today's celebrities famous, including PR, making a splash at events, and harnessing social media to your advantage.
Value: $47

Gift #3: 'The Celebrity Equation™' 60-minute Teleseminar
An introduction to Denise's unprecedented course, covering how to get the right exposure, the value of PR, and how you can leverage it to become a high-end celebrity.
Value: $147



FREE Gifts from Karen Powell

Karen Powell is the CEO of Decor&You®, Inc. She believes in helping her clients to create inviting home spaces that not only have the 'WOW' factor, but also help them to feel happier, more energized and comforted, and in awe of their surroundings.

Gift #1: "Step into Decorating" Webinar
A beginning-to-end preview of what could be a huge opportunity for you, this webinar includes insights into marketing, design education, vendor relations and more!
Value: $197

Gift #2: "6 Things to Consider in Creating a 'WOW' Room" Webinar
Tips and tricks for maximizing the potential of your space and achieving the 'WOW' factor!
Value: $197

Gift #3: "Your Home 2.0" Evaluation (+ FREE 30-minute private consultation for the first 5 registrants)
Organize your thoughts about your living space and prioritize your projects. This worksheets allows you to pinpoint where to begin in your home and which direction to take to shape your home into the ultimate space of comfort and happiness.
Value: $97 (+$150 for call)

Gift #4: "5 Risks & Blunders in Decorating" eBook
Learn how to circumvent five risks and common mistakes in decorating in order to create a pleasurable and harmonious renovation experience!
Value: $97



FREE Gifts from Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart

Hear What You've Been Missing!

Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart, Au.D., is recognized as one of America's most experienced and trusted hearing experts. She is a board-certified Doctor of Audiology, and has been President of Luebbe Hearing Services in Columbus, Ohio since 1973. Her passion for helping people hear what they've been missing has taken her around the world, using state of the art hearing aid technology to transform their lives.

Gift #1: A FREE One-on-One 30-minute Coaching Session with Dr. Mary Lou for the first 5 registrants!
Is hearing loss affecting your relationships? Your health? Your business life? Be quick to register for this personalized coaching session, tailored to your specific needs!
Value: $250

Gift #2: Is Your Hearing Affecting Your Sex Life and Relationships?
Get exclusive access to Dr. Mary Lou's invaluable teleseminar, where she will delve deeper into the effects of hearing loss and give advice on the best ways forward!
Value: $150

Gift #3: "Your Sound Experience" eBook
This easy-to-understand eBook will guide you through how the ear works, types and symptoms of hearing loss, how to understand the results of a hearing exam, and treatment options.
Value: $25



FREE Gifts from Teawna Pinard

Learn How to Lead Your Own Legendary Life

Teawna Pinard believes that every woman is capable of leading a legendary life, and she is a true-life success story! Her goal is to create a vision for a better world and to inspire and motivate women to channel their innate talents and strengths into work that matters and that they love.

Gift #1: "Top 5 Focus Strategies" Video
The #1 reason your goals don't come to fruition is because of a lack of focus. In this video, Teawna will share with you invaluable top level coaching strategies to create real focus in your life and inspire you toward greatness.
Value: $97

Gift #2: "3 Key Components to Build a Legendary Business and Life" Teleseminar
In life, you're either legendary or you're invisible—anything in between is unsustainable. In this teleseminar, Teawna will teach you how to harness your passion and capabilities to create your own ideal, lasting legacy. In addition, you will learn:

  • Strategies to get to a place of "YES" in all areas of your life

  • How to become better focused, leverage your time + energy using more of your natural gifts and talents

  • Keys to create a powerful impact and leave an incredible legacy behind

Value: $197



FREE Gifts from Diana Gabriel

Play Bigger and Achieve Long-Term, Satisfying Success with NO Burnout!

Diana Gabriel has a 12-year, highly successful track record as a certified professional coach. She created a coaching model anchored in resilience and adaptability for successful leaders who go and go then feel overwhelmed and exhausted feeling on the edge burnout. Is this you? Do you want to learn how to sustain your productivity and realize your goals and dreams without the stress and anxiety?

Gift #1: A FREE 60-minute coaching call with Diana for the first 5 registrants!
A private session with Diana, geared specifically towards the achievement of YOUR dreams. Diana will coach you to play bigger through a deep dive discussion in any of her four most popular strategy topics: The foundation of leadership - core values, uncovering your purpose, strength-based leadership or building resilience.
Value: $300

Gift #2: "Key Strategies to Sustain Your Business Growth and Lead an Integrated Life" 60-minute Teleseminar
Diana knows all too well the cycle of "go, overwhelm, exhaustion, recharge, go…" that successful leaders experience in their lives and career, but there is a better way! In this teleseminar, Diana will share with you her "3 Pillars for Sustainable Leadership"—simple yet proven habits and practices teach you how to sustain your productivity, and thereby achieve your goals and dreams.
Value: Priceless



FREE Gift from Janet Rickstrew

Janet Rickstrew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tomboy Tools. Tomboy Tools strives to provide educational resources and opportunities for women (and girls) that will help inspire them and build their confidence with tools and home projects. From maintaining your home, to performing simple repairs, to beautifying your surroundings, Tomboy Tools offers inspiration and products to help you get it done. Tomboy Tools' product line of high-quality pink tools was designed in response to the growing demand of women wanting their own quality tools in pink, as well as our vision to give back to causes we are passionate about through our Pink for a Purpose initiative. Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers and manufacturers to provide tools that are effective, lightweight, durable, high-quality and comfortable for women.

Janet started Tomboy Tools in 2000 along with two of her friends, and has had the joy of helping grow her company into a multi-million dollar, international business that helps women everywhere. Through adversity, Janet was able to push through, and succeed against all odds.

Free Gift: Receive our "Top 3 Home Repairs that can save you hundreds" e-guide
Value: $29



FREE Gifts from Dr. Wendy Rice

Finally, Learn How to Get Out of Your Own Way!

Originally from New York, Dr. Wendy Rice has managed to combine her love of kids, animals and psychology into a wonderful life in Tampa, Florida. She is a highly sought after, compassionate and straightforward psychologist for children, adolescents and adults, providing consultation, testing and assessment, therapy and innovative treatments to help a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, learning and relationship problems.

Gift #1: A FREE 20-minute coaching call with Wendy for the first 11 registrants!
A private session with Wendy, customized to your own needs to help you get out of your own way.
Value: $125

Gift #2: "Lighten Your Overwhelm" 60-minute Teleseminar
Do you want to learn how to achieve the highest level of success possible? In this teleseminar, Wendy will teach you how to make your strengths and weaknesses BOTH work in your favor, helping you to build on the areas in which you excel and identify easy ways to begin to develop or work around your problem areas.
Value: $85



FREE Gifts from Diane Keefe

When you are caring for aging parents, a crisis can cause you to feel unprepared, anxious and overwhelmed. Diane Keefe, MA Gerontology, CMC, is a professional Geriatric Care Manager. Her mission is to train family caregivers to care for aging parents.

Gift #1: Tips for Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver
We often devote our energy and emotions to caring for our loved one to the exclusion of ourselves. Research proves it can be detrimental to your health. This gift offers practical steps to safeguard your well-being!

Gift #2: Keeping the Older Adult in Their Home – Free Chapter from Blueprint for Care book
The number one desire older adults express is staying in the homes they love. This chapter offers strategies and alternatives to address possible issues.

Gift #3: First Steps To Take If Your Parent Is In a Crisis
In a crisis, everyone is caught off-guard. Confusion and panic set in causing stress for everyone involved. In this seminar, I outline a series of steps you can take to handle any crisis.

Gift #4: Complimentary Coaching Session for the first 5 to register!

Total Value: $325.00



FREE Gifts from Kim Chenier

Stop Feeling Mediocre—You're Meant for Greatness!

Kim Chenier is a life and business coach, and an expert in transforming the life you have into the life you love. She believes that we should all live a life where our emotional and physical wellbeing is such that every day we feel like a million dollars.

Gift #1: A FREE 30-minute Coaching Session with Kim for the first 5 registrants!
After this exclusive, personalized coaching and strategy session, you'll walk away with a plan of action designed to foster your personal growth and increase your business success. 
Value: $200

Gift #2: "Entrepreneurs Guide to Building a Solid Business Foundation" Business Guide
An invaluable guide to the 7 things you MUST do in order to create a sustainable business and save time and money as you grow!
Value: $197

Gift #3: "Start at Happy" Training Video
Learn how to balance your personal growth and business success—two key areas that feed off one another and are vital to your success and potential for greatness!
Value: $97



FREE Gifts from Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola is a professional intuitive who helps entrepreneurs-with-a-spiritual-side make better decisions, quicker. Carmen teaches her clients how to connect their soul to their business so it flows from the heart: when entrepreneurs leverage their intuition at work, more of everything flows including money, ease, resilience and confidence. Not all her clients are self-employed but each is busy making the world a better place, starting with themselves.

Clair-ity to Create Possibility Workbook - pdf
Identify your dominant "clair" (your spiritual senses) so you can put your intuition to your work. Never miss another message from the Universe!

Soul Spa for Work Success Audio Package - mp3
In order to rise to the level of your possibility, you need to have a solid foundation of calm, poise and conviction. These self-hypnosis audios will get you there: Yoga Nidra for relaxation, Courage + Confidence Sales Booster for mental preparation, and Travel Deeper for spiritual opening.

Activate Your Intuition + Accelerate Your Business - webinar
In this jam-packed hour you will learn intuitive tools you can use right now for clear, quick, confident decision-making. This live webinar will be recorded. Pre-registration required.

Value: $327



FREE Gifts from Carol Rydell

Know Thyself, Love Thyself, Value Thyself

Carol Rydell is an empowering catalyst for wealth and a money success mentor who helps women get to the heart of their money. She is passionate about helping them make more money, build successful soul aligned businesses, and enjoy juicy authentic relationships with themselves as well as others.

Carol utilizes more than thirty years of experience in entrepreneurship (fifteen years as a CPA) as well as ten years of catalyzing change and empowerment in workshops for women.
In working with Carol, women feel heard, experience more confidence, elevate their wealth consciousness, make more money, and have richer relationships.

Gift #1: The Money Conversation - This audio training will teach you the relationship between Money and Personal Power to empower and elevate your life and your prosperity.

Gift #2: 10-Strategies to Create a Dare to Live Richly™ Life - With this 10-day program, Carol offers inspiration and activities to move you into awareness, clarity and creativity to support you in designing your rich life.

Gift #3: Carol's Complementary Dare to Live Richly™ Strategy Session – For the first 5 people who register.
Value: $697.00

Value: $197.00



FREE Gift from Kellie Poulsen-Grill

Happiness is something we all deserve.

Did you know that every baby is born happy?

Have you lost your happy vibe?

Are you feeling like happiness eludes you?

Listen in on this free bonus Happiness Teleseminar as Happiness Expert Kellie Grill explains her 7 simple strategies for staying happy. Life is meant to be full of laughter, love, and joy. We should all be fulfilled with the beauty and wonder of life. Kellie teaches you that happiness is not only a choice, but she believes happiness is as mandatory as food, water and air.

Kellie's Simple Strategies will lead you on a path to a happier and more successful life both on your personal journey as well as your professional journey. Life is meant to be lived to the maximum and Kellie's easy to learn tips will help you to find the happiness you desire and the happiness you deserve.

Join us for this life-altering teleseminar that will change your perspective and change your life! Success and Happiness are just a phone call away so please join Kellie Grill and get ready to get HAPPY!

Value: $169.00



FREE Gifts from Emily Filloramo

Midlife Women Have Earned the Right to Look, Feel and Be Beautiful Forever!

Emily Filloramo is a Nutrition, Lifestyle and Image Expert. Through her own life journey and reinvention, she has gained a unique platform from which she guides women to confidently transform from the inside out so that they can step into their own spotlight!

Gift #1: "How to Be Beautiful: 7-Step AGELESS Plan for Midlife Women" eBook & Audio
Every woman has the right to look, feel and be beautiful—learn how to be beautiful from the inside out with this 7-step plan!

Gift #2: "Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Life: 3-Part Plan to Slim Down, Look Younger and Live Longer" Audio Training
Learn the science behind healthy eating and living so that you will be alive, healthy and beautiful for all of your life's defining moments.

Gift #3: "Ageless Beauty and Health Midlife Reinvention Program" 2-Month Group Mentorship Program for the first 7 registrants!
Starting with a "Rejuvenation Cleanse", you will be guided through the step-by-step AGELESS process so that you can light up a room and magnetize people with your confidence, elegance and sparkle.

Total Value: $397



FREE Gifts from Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott

Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott is committed to empowering the lives of men and women with purpose, passion, power, peace, and prosperity. . She urges that every moment in life is akin to a joyous, precious dance and encourages everyone to take the lead. She views life as a grand stage with each of us as a star in our own right; savor your time in the Light and earn those standing ovations with Love. There is a song to be sung that only you can sing, so sing it.

Gift #1: Awaken the Leader in You (E-Book)
Awaken the Leader In You contains knowledge that stirs the soul, calls to action and helps create a vision as far and as high as the reader can imagine.

Gift #2: The Ultimate Success (Audio Series)

  • Become inspired and motivated to develop your success blueprint.

  • Informative 3 MP3 downloads.

  • Set specific, audacious goals.

Gift #3: Awaken the Leader in You (Tele-Seminar)
This tele-seminar will teach you the steps you need to take to achieve and maintain your leadership life.

Total Value: $495



FREE Gifts from Sheila Wysocki

Be Your Own Protector!

Sheila Wysocki, Private Investigator, is an expert on safety and self-awareness. She is the founder of Without Warning: Fight Back, a non-profit organization that speaks about safety. She has been featured nationally on Dateline, Biography Channel: I Solved A Murder, and has appeared on Anderson Live.

Gift #1: "What Would You Do If You Were Attacked?" Introductory Video + 5 additional self-defense video clips
Sheila believes that preparation is key to empowerment. In this video, the first in her training series, she poses this and many other thought-provoking questions to members of the public, who discuss their personal fears and steps they take to keep themselves safe. Members of the police department also offer invaluable insights into the mind-set of an attacker, tips on staying safe outside the home, and a few common self-defense strategies.

Gift #2: 10 Common Sense Strategies for Self-Defense guide
Sheila has compiled her best tips for protecting yourself against potential predators. This step-by-step guide is invaluable for your safety and peace of mind.

Total value: priceless



FREE Gifts from Marcia Donaldson

Are you an introvert in business? Do you find it difficult to be in the spotlight and market your business?

Learn how to have a successful business from Marcia Donaldson, Introvert Business Success Coach. Marcia has more than a few tips on how to start, market and grow your business without changing who YOU really are.

Gift #1: "The Top 3 Challenges Most Introvert Business Owners Have and How to Overcome Them" Audio
This audio will help you to embrace your strengths as an introvert, give you strategies to market, and grow your business.

Gift #2: Business Success Quiz
The Quiz is designed to help you understand exactly where you are in building a successful business. Your answers will reveal why you might be struggling to build your business, attract the right clients and make more money.

Gift #3: 10-week Business Success Blueprint eCourse
You'll learn a proven, comprehensive, step-by-step business building system, which builds a foundation for long-term results.

Gift #4: A Complimentary "Business Breakthrough" Coaching Session
If you've been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren't happening as fast as you want, then I'd like to help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH.

Total Value: $497



FREE Gifts from Karen Leckie

Karen Leckie is a Breakthrough Coach who specialises in breaking through any "fictitious restrictions" in your mind about what is possible to achieve. While Karen has overcome major obstacles in her life, she continues to be a visionary in leading and inspiring those around her. She lives by the motto: "Learn how to turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength."

Gift #1: "The Visionary Ignite and Implement™" Ezine
Delivered to your inbox once per month, this ezine will give you tips on how to "Ignite and Implement™," designed especially for Innovators, Pioneers and Visionaries!

  • Inspiration to keep you going!

  • Exclusive offers!

  • Insider secrets on manifesting your dream business!

  • And much more...

Value: $47

Gift #2: "Succeeding Against All Odds" Teleseminar
In this teleseminar you will discover how you can succeed against ALL odds—you will be compelled to take action and break through all of the fictitious restrictions you place upon yourself!
Value: $147

Gift #3: A FREE "Breakthrough Fictitious Restrictions™" Coaching Session for the first 17 registrants
Learn about your true goals, desires and motives, and how to move forward with freedom and exhilaration—the GUARANTEED fastest way to manifest your goals at the speed of imagination!
Value: $297



FREE Gifts from Gorana Angert

Gorana Angert is the founder of the Ultimate Scenario Company. She trains entrepreneurs how to effectively market themselves by first using the latest in mindset training techniques to help clients overcome their internal struggles. Then, she introduces her successful background in video production to help them supercharge their business marketing and get real results online.

Gift #1: A FREE 45-minute "Discovery Session" for the first 7 registrants!
A personalized session with Gorana to delve deep into your business, learn what you're missing, and create a series of action steps to maximize your earning potential and spread your message around the world!
Value: $397

Gift #2: "5 Keys to Maximize Video Potential in Your Business" Video Training
It's time to stop being intimidated by the camera and learn how to make engaging videos that will bring the business to YOU!
Value: $97

Gift #3: "17 Ways to Use Video in Your Business to Connect, Convert, and Make More Money" eGuide
Unsure of where to start? This invaluable eGuide gives you 17 ideas to set you on the right track!
Value: $29

Gift #4: "How to Create Super Successful Marketing Videos" 60-minute Teleseminar
Video is an absolute MUST in marketing strategy today, and during this teleseminar you will learn key strategies to successfully produce and market yourself through this media.
Value: $297



FREE Gifts from Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford is a Gluten/Food Allergen/Chemical Toxin Specialist and Healthy Gourmet Cook who offers coaching and consulting regarding gluten-free eating, food allergens and chemical toxin reduction in the body and the home.

Gift #1: A FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Consultation Session for the first 20 registrants!
Check in and ask Linda any questions you may have regarding existing food allergen road blocks, a sluggish metabolism, or reactions to chemical toxin exposure keeping you from your right to optimum health.
Value: $150

Gift #2: "Rev Up Your Metabolism!" 3-Phase Plan
Go from Sluggish to Swimsuit Season in 30 Days! This plan is complete with three Metabolic Myths about trying to lose weight, three-phase meal planning to rev up your metabolism and seven delicious, easy recipes to get you started.
Value: $60

Gift #3: "Dirty Dozen Foods That Should Be Bought Organic?" Article
Learn about the chemicals used on the fruits and product we digest daily, and ways to cut back on chemical toxin exposure whether you buy organic or not! Plus the BONUS "2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce" printable card to take with you when you shop!
Value: $30



FREE Gift from Patricia Thompson

Secrets of the Super Successful

The first 20 people to register will gain access to my exclusive coaching. Twenty minutes of one on one coaching that will move you ahead by leaps and bounds from where you are today. If you aren't one of the first 20 don't worry everyone else will receive exclusive new training via teleseminar with me on Implementation. Each of us is unique and our situations are unique and there is often more than one solution to a problem. I work with my clients to find the solutions that will make their life super successful, less stressful and happier.

Knowing what will work and making the changes daily to implement the strategies is vital to a successful life, career and relationships. I've implemented these strategies, my life has improved and my business has helped many others in implementing changes that have helped their careers soar, their life to gain a simplicity and success they had only dreamed about.

You can wish upon a star, but you need to implement your wishes, dreams and goals. I'm going to share with you this formula for implementing your way to success.

Value: $197.00



FREE Gifts from Sangita Patel

Awaken your inner healer by using Holistic tools to help you shift quickly from struggle to bliss!

Sangita Patel is a Global Holistic Practitioner who helps those suffering from physical and/or emotional pain that have been unable to get relief through traditional methods. She uses simplified healing techniques and tools from her own holistic toolbox and have a track record for creating dramatic results in a very short amount of time no matter how long you have been suffering.

Gift #1: A FREE 30-minute coaching call with Sangita for the first 5 registrants!
A private session with Sangita, customized to your individual needs.
Value: $97

Gift #2: "Rainbow Connection to the 5th Dimension" Video – Connecting Your Energy with the Universe
Sangita guides you through how to connect and lift your energy to the 5th Dimension- Heaven, the plane of light for more clarity and focus in your daily life. 
Value: $55

Gift #3: "Stress to Bliss" and "Chakra Healing" Audio Training
Learn how to significantly reduce stress and manage it more efficiently by harmonizing your seven chakras and connecting with your higher self.
Value: $16.99

Gift #4: "Knowing Your Body Systems" 60-minute Teleseminar
Using Qigong energy healing, understand your five different body systems and how to bring them into perfect balance for a healthier and more joy-filled life.
Value: $97



FREE Gifts from Kathleen Mundy

Kathleen, author and entrepreneur who 'walks the talk', turned a small investment in to a multimillion-dollar business. She now teaches other women why 'Making Your Own Money' makes a difference in your future. - Kathleen Mundy is a business coach and officer of Making Your Own Money™. Her company is committed to helping women reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future. I know you’re looking for some answers and some help with the challenges you face.

Gift #1: Free CD of the "7 Secret Questions you need to ask in Business" featuring The complete M.O.N.E.Y. System
($97 value)

Gift #2: "TURBO BOOST 30 day Project Plan" ….People Start Your Engines... do you have a project that isn't getting much traction? Have you been putting off doing the things you know you should do to get your business back on track? If you said yes to one or more of these questions the this is the answer! This introductory 30 day crash course WILL produce results like you never expected.
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FREE Gifts from Sharon Addison, RN, BCC

With more than 15 years of experience as an independent radio host and producer, she uses her vivacity to captivate the attention of audiences worldwide. As a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach, She knows firsthand what it's like to pursue your passion and walk in your true purpose.

Gift #1: Purpose Filled Series Audio Tutorial
Trusting and Embracing Your Passion and Walking in Your True Purpose using biblical principles. Discovering your purpose and knowing that God is your source can lead you to an abundant life filled with love and gratitude. Boldly declare your Value and Worth and accept that you are capable to operate from your over flow.

If You Seek:

  • Order in Your Personal & Professional Life

  • Clarity on discovering your purpose

  • Focus on developing your skills and gifts

  • How to attract the right people to support your vision

  • How to develop and maintain an abundance mind set

  • How to profit from your passion

Gift #2: Succeeding Against All Odds Teleseminar
In this teleseminar you will learn how you can create the mind shift to trust and embrace the awesome power within.

Gift: #3 Complimentary 30 min. Discovery Coaching session for the first 7 people to sign up.

Total Value: $457.00



FREE Gifts from Amber Ludwig

Amber Ludwig is an online business development expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. She has worked with more than 500 authors on six continents.

Working one-on-one with each client, Amber has created more than 200 websites. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Gift #1: "Supercharge Your Website with this Secret Weapon" 
Are you frustrated you aren't getting more website traffic? Do you want more credibility and more people sharing your content on social media? This 60-minute video will show you exactly how to achieve both through a powerful Secret Weapon!
Value: $250

Gift #2: "6-Pillars to 6-Figure Online Success" members center access
Gain access to more than SIX hours of high-value training on Branding, Website Development, Content Strategy, List-Building, Product Development and Social Media (+ training on affiliate marketing, joint ventures and more!)
Value: $297

Gift #3: "Master the Persuasive Sales Writing Sequence" live teleseminar July 11th
If you have wondered if your website content seems outdated and uninteresting - you're probably right. Learn top copywriting strategies for your website, products and social media.
Value: $250




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